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    Where does WooPitch get its information from?

    WooPitch interrogates a variety of Social Media Platforms such as Linkedin and Twitter and uniquely aggregates the information into a powerful easy to use database.

    What search criteria is available?

    There are standard topic related search fields you can use but you’re free to add any keywords you can think of. WooPitch searches the web - not a static, stale database so allows for pin point targeting. You want to find all Editors with an interest in wearable technology in the UK? Easy. How about a search targeting influencers or experts for a quote about sustainable food? Yup - can do that too. Give it a try… Successful PR relies on highly targeting the correct journalists. WooPitch allows you to do exactly that.

    Can you find contact details for everyone?

    Having identified the contacts, the WooPitch algorithms search a number of publicly available sources for email and other social profiles. When we discover a contact's email we will display it. WooPitch is constantly crawling the web, so our information is always up to date! Also it is often possible to contact people using their Twitter handle or via LinkedIn. In essence, even when we do not find the email address for someone, you will still save the contact and can save them to your list.

    How is WooPitch smarter?

    With the growing landscape of journalists & influencers the media is a much broader entity. Traditional methods can be inaccurate and imprecise, subsequently journalists are receiving numerous mis-targeted, irrelevant pitches every day. WooPitch searches social profiles that are updated by the contact themselves, making it considerably more accurate than any other media data available. 

    Can I carry over my credits each month?

    No, the limit on lookups resets every month.

    How can I cancel my subscription? 

    Easy, you can cancel anytime by clicking the cancel button in your account tab. 

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