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Hack Linkedin to find Journalists and Influencers for free

With Linkedin alone hosting over 400 million profiles globally, it's no wonder it's the go to place for many when researching media contacts

Of course the problem is it can be quite time consuming & depending on your level of subscription Linkedin may well limit the amount of contacts you can view each month.
There is also that small issue with the little red flag showing up every time you visit someones profile.

But with this clever hack you can now search and view as many profiles as you like without being tracked or limited.

Introducing google X-ray search:

I’m going to spare you of the boring bit about how it works and cut straight to the chase.

Here’s what you need to copy into google

"editor" "luxury travel"-intitle:"profiles" -inurl:"dir/ " OR

And this is a sample of what you'll see.

Not bad? Of course not all of you will be after Luxury travel editors.

So just replace the "luxury travel" keyword with the topic you are after and search away.

Don't want editors? You can change that too.

And if you want contacts in another country simply change the site directory to match the country you are after, e.g .de for Germany. You can find a list of all the urls here

What about contact info?

Give WooPitch a go for free . WooPitch will do all of this heavy lifting for you, search for contacts, create lists, discover email and social profiles. All without any copy & paste!

Watch the video below and register for a free account here

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