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Kickstart your PR for your Kickstarter campaign.

Most fully successful & fully funded Kickstarter campaigns have benefited from some Buzz via press coverage. Here are our top tips to getting some PR for your campaign.

Forget the wire

Its tempting to write a generic press release and stick it out on the wire services for "maximum exposure" but in truth unless you are a big brand this is likely to fall on deaf ears. You'r not going to drive significant traffic and its a waste of your funds.

If you don't want to take my word for it then listen to what (a hugely influential PR blog) has to say about them here

Do your research.

Carefully select the journalists who are interested in your subject matter. Read previous articles they have written to ensure they are the right person. If you expect someone to take the time to write about your business, take the time to know about him or her. Follow them on Twitter, visit their Linkedin profile. WooPitch can help you discover the right contacts to pitch to.

Whats your story.

Don't just send a sales message out and expect it to be front page in the morning, journalists are looking for a story so give them one.

Keep your pitch short and make sure it includes answers to these 2 questions.

1, what problem are you trying to solve?

2, why are you doing it better than your competitors.

3. Would this be of interest to anyone outside my business?

4. Will anyone actually care?

Don't forget the subject!

And don't forget the subject line! Journalists receive thousands of pitches a day, so a great subject line can be the difference between an open or a delete.

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