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whats in a name

Setting out to name your startup is no easy task. Should it be relevant
and explain what you are trying to do? Or should you just stick some
names on a piece of paper and go with what you like the sound of? We
went with WooPitch..why?
Having worked selling PR tools for the best part of 20 years I've often
asked (even though I'm no expert) my thoughts on how best to pitch
journalists. Questions range from the best time to pitch through to
"is it possible to send a release to everyone on your media database in
one hit!".
So back to the topic, why WooPitch? Well the only advice
I've tended to give on pitching is that "Slow PR" is by far the best
approach, highly target who your release is suited to, follow these
contacts on social media, look into what they have historically written, get in touch on a personal a bit of Wooing!
We'd like to think that what we have developed at WooPitch helps our users do just
that, if you'd like to take a look for yourself for free then please do
so at Just remember who to invite to the wedding when
the wooing leads to more than just a published article!  
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